“I wouldn’t know, I’ve only killed communists.”

― Rafał Gan-Ganowicz when asked how it felt to take “human life”

CONTRARY TO popular belief, the CIA and the capitalist West did not support the crusade again communism and/or drug-trafficking in Latin America, Asia, Africa, or in other parts of the world. Much like the American Civil War and the World Wars, the Cold War was often oversimplified and distorted. One such myth of the Cold War is that the Western World supported brutal anti-communist and even racist(an asinine term by the way) movements throughout the banana republics that sprang up across the Third World in the wake of the World Wars and the hapless demise of imperialism, the policy that brought civilization to the herds of low intelligent mud-hut dwelling anthropophages.

In fact, many leaders, such as Ian Smith of Rhodesia and Sukarno of Indonesia, have received the ire of both the leftists/Jacobins and the CIA. The CIA and the State Department in particular nullified any aid to these regimes in a perturbation that supporting authoritarian leaders would be a source of propaganda employed by the most brutal government in history, i.e., the Soviet Union. And many great leaders such as Francisco Franco of Spain, Mummar Gaddafi of Libya, Chiang Kai-shek of China, António Salazar of Portugal, Haile Selassie of the Ethiopian Empire,Juan Perón of Argentina, Park Chung-hee of South Korea,Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran, and even Generalissimo Augusto Pinochet of Chile had populist economic policies that rejected the corrosion of Talmudic, revolutionary, and globalist ideologies that are both capitalist neo-liberalism and Marxist socialism, commonly known as communism. Due to rampant impecuniosity, social strife, foreign subversion, fiscal mismanagement, and, crumbling infrastructure, it was imperative that the State intercede in the economy. Democratic governments. Democracy is, after all, the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage. (Happy belated birthday to H.L. Mencken, the “Sage of Baltimore”) always failed to address these problems. The militaries of these nations were a majority of the proletarian class. It is worth mentioning that, often these strongmen came from the military, which had the advantage of being independent from the rich and powerful, especially those alien to the nation.

John Coatsworth anencephalicly asseverated that these anti-communist caesars “vastly’ exceeded the number of those killed by their communist counterpart…” Never mind that, albeit he decreased the number of prisoners, Khrushchev still maintained the gulags and slave labour because it was obviously the life-blood of the satanic Soviet Union. And that, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara killed thousands of people, not just in Cuba but worldwide with state-sponsored global terror. Operation Condor (Spanish: Operación Cóndor, also known as Plan Cóndor; Portuguese: Operação Condor) and the alleged CIA connection are often cited to support this frivolous allegation, however, all these countries were entrenched in brutal civil wars and under threat of repeating the same tribulations that China was confronted with, after the vile and ruthless red tyrant Mao Tse-tung seized power and massacred eighty million people. Despite the threat of the communist virus, the American government would refuse to support these regimes. Augusto Pinochet (similar to Chiang Kai-shek and his fight to keep China free) was denied any support after the toppling and suicide of the pathetic dictator named Salvador Allende, a puppet of the KGB and Fidel Castro. Likewise, the United States government organized colour revolutions again the governments of Nicaragua led by Anastasio “Tachito” Somoza Debayle and Indonesia led by Sukarno.

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