ONCE AGAIN, in a delirious address, Biden professes his nefarious intent to divide and conquer. Biden pursues to segregate “mainstream Republicans” from “MAGA Republicans,” portraying the latter as intolerable allies or collaborators in our democracy. In a lapse of self-awareness, Biden claims those who criticize him or question the elections “Do not respect the Constitution” and “Do not believe in the rule of law or recognize the will of the people.”

Meanwhile in Memphis, two Negro killers are terrorizing the White residents. The first negro  was a 19-year-old named Ezra Kelly, who carried out a string of shootings. Residents had been urged to stay indoors during the search. But most notably, a negro thug named Cleotha Abston abducted, raped, and brutally murdered Eliza Fletcher, an elementary school teacher and a White Mother Of Two White Boys who was jogging in Memphis, a city that is 64% negro. This vicious retard (Abston), has a protracted violent history of rape, assault, and kidnapping. Neighbors described Abston as a “creep” and “pervert” who constantly tried to pay women for sex. The worst part is that, with a Soros-backed Democratic district attorney just elected, the murders will most likely be back on the streets before the poor Muppet impersonator is employable again.

The Democrats clique of the rootless cosmopolitan ruling elite perpetuate to incite negro riots and embolden mass invasion which leads to the deaths of multitudes of innocent people. and the erasure of America’s historical heritage. Con Inc. and the pseudo-populist movement made up of spineless pussies (sadly including our President, i.e, Trump), grifters, and naïve boomers continuously virtue signal to prove that they are not the bigots but instead they cry that “Demz are the real bigots.” and “open borders harms illegal immigrants too.” No one can take this statement seriously when illegal immigrants get a slap on the wrist for breaking in homes and murdering White people. This, of course, is done in between availing the Democrats give away weapons and billions of dollars to defend the borders of the terrorist state of Israel and it’s puppet, Ukraine, while more than seventy terrorists cross our borders to kill even more White Americans, a literal genocide.

So, to quote the brutal communist dictator Vladimir Lenin, “What is to be done?” or as the anarcho-capitalist intellectual Professor H.H. Hoppe puts it, “What Must Be Done?” The answer lies in a prosperous small community in South Africa called Orania. Orania (Afrikaans pronunciation: [ʊəˈrɑːnia]) is a new society based around the idea of self-determination for the Boer/Afrikaaner people, who have been an opressed minority since the hostile takeover of the government by blood-thirsty low-IQ negro warlords. Since negro rule, the nation of South Africa has became a hellish slum just like Jacskon, Mississippi and Haiti. Of course, nothing comes close to the catastrophe that occurred after ravenous negro retards, supported by both the British crown and brutal communist dictatorships such as the ones in China and USSR, usurped the mighty Rhodesia. Orania is governed by the Vluytjeskraal Aandeleblok (Vluytjeskraal Share Block) company, in conjunction with a succession of internally elected authorities, is in charge of municipal-decision making in the town. People who wish to reside in Orania purchase shares in the Vluytjeskraal Aandeleblok rather than freehold land. The screening of prospective stockholders provides for rigorous control. Buyers are exhaustively vetted, with a fixate on their adherence to Afrikaans language and culture, a commitment to hiring exclusively White Afrikaners, and a sequence of conservative Christian endeavors. Unmarried couples, for example, are unable to live together. Fellow Orthodox Christian writer and conservative commentator Rod Dreher have a similar color-blind idea for Christians, drawing on the writings of early Christian monk Benedict of Nursia and the philosophy of Alasdair MacIntyre.

It is time for White conservatives to form a virtuous Christian community and this can be accomplished using the same strategy as Orania. This movement for autonomy shall be designed to establish a homeland. The Movement’s approach is definitely a political one, with the goal of establishing a sustainable home for America’s historical population. As an idea organization, it is the concept of liberty and devised a dynamic political strategy that adapts and expands in response to the developing reality that emerges around the idea.


  1. […] The only option is to prepare ourselves for the upcoming collapse which is inevitable in any civilization as pontificated by German Conservative philosopher Oswald Spengler and do not look back upon the rot of liberalism and the “Enlightenment”. God Bless and if you can please share this on Twitter or any other social media platform. Big tech and “alt”-tech have censored me. […]


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