UNSURPRISINGLY THE American people are being gaslighted once again. This time with immigration. As if it were not bad enough that for the six millionth time, a Jewish shyster crashed the economy, now the so-called Temporary Protected Status (TPS), deportation waivers, and work permits have been extended for a repulsive parasitic clump of 337,000 invaders in the United States, pre-empting court decisions such as Ramos v. Wolf and Bhattarai v. Nielsen that could have timed them out. The low-IQ inhabitants of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Sudan, Nepal, and Honduras who agreed to return home once conditions in their respective countries returned to normal (rather than ideal) are being allowed to squat in the United States for much longer than 2024. Extending TPS status long after the major incident event has become the norm. This latest extension is notable because the Biden administration did not even pretend to evaluate conditions in those countries, as required by law.

Salvadorans appear to have sempiternal “temporary” refuge. Their Central American homeland was first sanctioned as TPS in 2001, following an earthquake that devastated the country. “While the effects of this natural disaster were certainly devastating,” FAIR‘s report stated, “it in no way constitutes 20 years of protected status under the guise of humanitarian relief.” Additionally, hordes of cretinous, feral, and impecunious mud-eating negros were additionally granted TPS extensions after their trash heap of an island known as Haiti was devastated by a quake 12 years ago. Somalia reigns supreme in terms of long-term TPS, with Biden’s team granting another extension to Somali nationals last year. The inbred (unsurprisingly, incest is a massive problem in Africa) mutant inhabitants of Somalia were bestowed TPS status for the first time in 1991.

It seems that the deterioration of this once great Anglo-Saxon nation will only further decay because TPS was not the only legal victory for the Synagogue of Satan and their “Great Reset“. A federal judge issued an order on Tuesday precluding federal authorities from utilizing Titled 42, a Trump-era rule that assists with enforcing the law by expeditiously deporting invaders who trespassed across the border. Title 42 was originally enacted at the outset of the coronavirus outbreak in March 2020, enabling authorities to quickly expel the infestation of mentally retarded intruders on the grounds of public health. This is amidst the unprecedented estimate of around fifty million aliens (both legal and illegal) colonizing American soil. This denotes a 3.4 million increase since President Biden stole the presidency (all Donald Trump did was sit and whine) in January 2021. Illegal immigration accounts for two million of that increase (58%). albeit there’s not really much of a distinction between the two because both are forms of invasion!

Just a few days ago, Customs and Border Protection released their own figures that indicated that agents apprehended more than 204,000 illegal entrants at the US-Mexico border last month, the highest monthly total in history and a 28 percent increase in the scourge over October 2021 —the first month of a fiscal year that broke previous annual records for apprehensions. It is so bad that milquetoast Republicans like Greg Abott declared an emergency and the Texas National Guard was sent with special vehicles to deal with the onslaught of filthy ravenous savages. This does not include the estimated 64,000 fugitives. Please note that these numbers are most likely an underestimation of the pestilence of Third-World vermin. A plethora of these trespassers are human traffickers and convicted sex offenders who will prowl the streets for your daughters, such as the more than ten dozen illegal-alien rapists and sex perverts that were apprehended by ICE in less than two weeks. Europe and Canada too is endeavouring a demographic doom (a mandatory suicide) from the astronomical incursion of Third-World savages and low birth-rates. But to Chuck E. Schumer(disappointedly the E. in this rat’s name does not stand for “Entertainment“), an Israeli dual-citizen and the corrupt New York Senator, the scourge is not moving expeditious enough, which is why he, along with the rest of the globohomo rootless cosmopolitan managerial elite, recently demanded amnesty for “all 11 million” illegals in the US due to the fact that the American population “is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to.” It is imperative to be cognizant of the fact that, just like his support of mass invasion, Schumer is also an immensely colossal advocate for infanticide, unless it is in his fatherland,i.e., Israel.

Now, despite the sad dropping birth-rate in White/Occidental countries like the United States, the world population has reached a tremendous eight billion people, a majority of which emanate from Third-World hellholes. This milestone was not only celebrated, despite the indubitable negative environmental impact but also exploited by the United Nation. The UN kvetches indefatigably about “inequality” notably “unequal access to health care, opportunities and resources, and unequal burdens of violence, conflict, poverty, and ill health.” Then they proceed to advocate for a “systematically remove the barriers — based on gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, or migration status — that prevent people from accessing the services and opportunities they need to thrive….Removing the barriers based on migration status……..We need to rethink models of economic growth and development that have led to overconsumption and fueled violence, exploitation, environmental degradation, and climate change, and we need to ensure that the poorest countries — which did not create these problems, yet bear the brunt of their impacts — have the resources to build the resilience and well-being of their growing populations.” Of course, who defines “overconsumption” and who decides how much is too much? And “we” are supposed to “have the resources” for poor nations’ “growing populations.” The global elite will only make Whites pay the toll.

So-called experts like Joel Cohen (just annudah coincidence, you stupid goy) of the Rockefeller University made the dubious claim that the problem is not over-population but the real problem is White people have the audacity to own refrigerators and consume meat. Another “expert,” Jennifer Sciubba of the Wilson Center, concurs with this idea, kvetching that “it’s lazy and damaging to keep going back to overpopulation….. Really, it’s us, It’s me and you, the air conditioning I enjoy, the pool I have outside, and the meat I eat at night that causes so much more damage.” Of course it is not “lazy and damaging” when shithole countries like India or Ethiopia continue to grow their populations and consume an extravagant amount of the earth’s dwindling resources. The global negro population is projected to continue to skyrocket. Negros, who constituted less than 9% of the global population in 1950, will account for more than 25% by the middle of the century. According to the Pew Research Center, 45 percent of Nigerians, the inhabitants of the most populous African country, intend to invade the Occident/West within the next five years. There will be an astronomically immense number. The indigent and violent sewer known as Nigeria could overtake the communist dystopia of China as the world’s second most populous country by 2100. If we believe the UN, there must be no “barriers” to these Nigerian savages receiving the “services and opportunities” they feel they are entitled to. Not surprisingly, Africa also has the worst air pollution in the world, second only to Asia. Of course, it is us White people who polluted the African motherland and forced the negro diaspora to conquer our homelands. The asinine Bahamas Prime Minister Philip Davis blurted this out at a Climate Change conference in Egypt. He stated that unless White countries reduce their carbon footprint, millions of “climate refugees” will be created. According to rabid negress and Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley, there are already 21 million “climate refugees,” with a billion expected by 2050. She demanded tax on fossil fuel and to steal more of our money. Is it possible that the brutal rape of our sovereignty would stop, if only we had zero-carbon economies?

The globalist elite’s solution is opening the borders of White countries as a form of “climate reparations“, since it is our fault for the enviromental damage to the world and the crippling poverty of “people of colour”. Ursula “Echidna” von der Leyen, President of the European Commission (the queen witch of the Brussels snake pit), exclaimed that she was “happy” that it was on the agenda. “Now is the time to sit down and really define and sort out what it is, and then look at the funding that is available,” she says. What “funding” is available with Europe in an energy crisis, a possible recession, and paying to prop up Ukraine, a satellite state of the Jewish national-socialist state of Israel? The United States will not be left out of such a scheme. We are the most “responsible” because we have emitted the most carbon. Once in a while the elite will have a Freudian slip and admit the truth. Such as Politico’s Gary Bauer who wrote in 2010 that ” When people move from poor countries to America, they quickly adapt in at least one way — their consumption habits. Studies show that recent immigrants’ consumption patterns, including energy use, quickly resemble those of native-born Americans. But it is important to compare immigrants’ CO2 emissions not with those of native-born Americans but with compatriots who stay home. In a 2008 report, “Immigration to the United States and World-Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions,” Patrick McHugh of the Center for Immigration Studies found that, on average, immigrants increase their emissions fourfold after coming to the United States. U.S. immigrants produce an estimated 637 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. That’s 482 million tons more than they would have produced had they remained in their home countries.”

Everyone knows that these filthy Third World scroungers come because they want to consume more and are unconcerned about the environment. It’s difficult to believe that anyone who supports allowing poor immigrants to enter the country is serious about lowering carbon emissions. Modern enviromentalism is rooted in the nihilistic cult of progressivism. They accept no dogmas upon any authority, but it will accept any dogmas on no authority. These “Bastards of Gore” would destroy art, barricade highways for several days, and autistic screech about how enviromental damage is a form of racism. The Jewish commercial broadcast television and radio network NBC, released a statement warning that negro neighborhoods, colloquially known as “Da Hood” (which is usually sub·merged in garbage because littering is normal with George Floyd Americans) will suffer most because climate change will increase flooding. They refuse to recognize the threats to their racial extinction or the link between onslaught of parasites and environmental destruction. If Whites are forced to forego air conditioning, meat, or automobiles, why not Third-World bums who came here for the same reasons? Would these extreme environmentalists be just as willing to tell Obama’s Sons to stay at home as they are to deface a Van Gogh painting? “Climate change,” like “racism,” can be used to justify intervention in almost any situation. The “climate emergency” justifies sweeping intrusions into our lives, just as the Civil Rights Act makes any private negro-White dispute a potential federal case.

Furthermore, climate activists combine their militancy with a deep resentment of the West, which built the modern world. “Climate reparations,” “climate refugees,” and “climate justice” are new justifications for distributing our wealth to those who are to stupid to accomplish the simple task of supporting themselves. It’s just another anti-White protest if environmentalists don’t combine their calls for sacrifice with a call to stop immigration. People concerned about the environment should support “progressive” birth control and “women’s rights” campaigns. The White race, already a global minority, is becoming a minority even in its own countries. That is the true existential crisis that young activists must confront. The solution does not consist of meaningless pageantry about combating climate change. It is up to whites to create a state that will allow us to escape the never-ending, gaping maw of non-white dependency. Nobody else will save the planet if our people go extinct. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children because the beauty of the the earth must not perish.



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